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Fastest Way To Process Perm, Color, Keratin, Rebonding & Japanese magic hair straightening

Pain solution to Mankind
Pain solution to beauty industry

First A.I. & Robotic hair-dresser in space

First robotic hair-cutting system in space

Space hair-cutting system,
Space hair-dryer system,
Space hair-data system (Artificial Intelligence)



Sensaer space beauty lab
Space long hair dryer - Zero gravity
Jump technology - Warp speed

The Beginning of the Space Beauty Industry

Your passion for beautiful hair travels beyond the universe

Total ZERO GRAVITY beauty care system
Total environment balancing system @ land & space
All-In-One: Cutting, Shampooing, & Drying
All-In-One: Men & Women
All-In-One: Short & Long hair 
All-In-One: Filtration system
(Water, hair particles, chemical & air filtration)

(Space Beauty Lab: Odor, Chemical & Si-O-Si Free)
Protection of materials and structures from space environment.
Eliminate health hazards associated with all the chemicals found in hair products and services.
How valuable is supporting the travels of mankind throughout space?




Nothing in the universe is ever really created or destroyed; it merely changes form.
The actions of war and the destruction of two worlds were required so that one may be reborn.
So it is with the force of Life.
Hill, Terry R.. Evolutions (In the Days of Humans Book 3)



We @ SENSAER support
The Children's Gasparilla Parade
Tampa Florida USA



We are WORLD-CLASS at one thing
We dry any LONG HAIR in 3 to 7 minutes
Pain solution to Mankind
Pain solution to beauty industry


 NASA Engineer Terry R. Hill
(Author of Third Exodus & New Dawn)



  Are we really alone in the universe
since every planet
we've been to has been void of any life
or at least simple, unintelligent life forms.
Are we the last ones left at the party?

Or are we the first ones?

Hill, Terry (2014-12-19).
New Dawn (In the Days of Humans) (p.362).

Saving the world is within our grasp:
Cherish our children.
***** The Children are our future *****










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