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How to use SENSAER (센세어)
Long hair dryer & processor
(Location: Tampa & Brandon Florida USA)
By Andrew Kim (Expert)

How to use SENSAER (센세어)
Long hair dryer & processor
(Location: Tampa & Brandon Florida USA)
By any stylist (Beginner)


SENSAER: Sensation Dryer
(Hand made in USA)
For those of you who are interested and have questions
about the SENSAER system,
here is a rundown:.
The SENSAER system is not a retail item.
It’s a total system franchise,
utilizing monthly lease payments
ong with training on the system
and product purchases (optional).
Our system is for exclusive use
and limited to specific geographic zones.
This will ensure that any salon or studio
that is using the SENSAER system
will not have close competition
with other beautician services nearby.
So be sure to jump on board
and grab a SENSAER system
before someone near you grabs one first.

SENSAER FOX13 Tampa Florida USA




We are WORLD-CLASS at one thing
We dry any LONG HAIR in 3 to 7 minutes
Pain solution to Mankind
Pain solution to beauty industry






  History of mankind searching for Long Hair Dryer

SENSAER Long hair dryer & processor
: High speed long hair straightening perm & wave perm









(Japanese Magic Hair Straihtening & Keratin Hair Straightening Processor)


Long Hair Dryer
High Speed Japanese Magic Straightening Processor
High Speed Brazilian Keratin Straightening Processor
Portable Wig, Hair Extenstion Dryer & Hair chemical processor

"Pain Free" Drying Your Hair & Your Shoulder
 "Without Feeling Heat" On Client's Face


Long Distance Client From Naples Florida
(Japanese Magic Straightening)

 Long Distance Client From France
(Japanese Magic Straightening)


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